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Home & Career Services Inc., aka H&C, is a One-stop immigration and new comer service provider for your PEACE of MIND, with our strategic partners such as locally regulated realtors, brokerage firms, property management companies, private and public schools, property investment, Canadian & US mutual fund and local business acquisition as well as franchising as well as venture start-up in US & Canada, with more than 172 Direct Selling representatives around the world. Our sole purpose is to help people achieve their migration goals with ease and change their destiny.

Home & Career Services Inc., Oriental Int'l Business Services Ltd. as well as URBest Education Inc. are the subsidiaries and business arms in various scopes of ChinaBridge Media Group Inc., which has a focus on professional TV media and social media optimization (SEO & SMO) as well as web and desktop design for your new adventures. On the other hand, Tea More Fun Society of Canada is an independent Non-profit organisation for our clienteles.

"A dream says we hope we will succeed. A goal says we will succeed. A plan says we will have succeeded. A piece of action says we have succeeded. Your success is our success."
Home & Career Services Inc.

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