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The Premium Migration Service
The Premium Migration Service is the most comprehensive Canadian immigration service we provide. We will manage the entire Visa application on your behalf. We will handle your application from start to finish, and with an attention to detail that can only be provided by registered Migration Consultants who have an exhaustive knowledge of Canadian immigration law.

Our Premium Migration Service is presented in 5 distinct stages: the Detailed Assessment, the Pre-Application, the Submission, the Processing period, and the Decision. By approaching the application process in stages, we are able to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses, such as submission fees, until we are certain your application has the best possible chance of success.

With years of experience in providing trusted immigration advice, our staff will give you peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your application is in the hands of professionals. Migration Expert provides a friendly and personalized service tailored to your own individual immigration requirements. Our service is timely, detailed and cost efficient.

Our stages:
1) Detailed Assessment - Our Migration Consultants will collect, examine and assess all the necessary information and documentation necessary for your application, and inform you of the likelihood of success. As well, we will advise you of any factors which may increase the likelihood of a successful application. -Provided by a registered Migration Consultant (CSIC).

2) Pre-Application Stage - Every Visa type has specific requirements that need to be fulfilled before a valid application can be made. We will determine the necessity of these various requirements as they relate to your personal circumstances. We will work with you to prepare all applications for the relevant authorities, monitor your progress and inform you about the different ways to prepare for your move to Canada. We will also keep you informed about ways to increase the likelihood of your application being fast-tracked. -Provided by a registered Migration Consultant

3) Application Submission to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) - We will carefully review all the material you provide to us to ensure that your application has the highest possible chance of success. We will then prepare and submit your Visa application with the Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC) or appropriate authorities. -Provided by a registered Migration Consultant

4) Processing Period - During this time, your application will go through several stages of processing. These include Acknowledgement of Receipt, File Number, Medical Examinations, Interview or Waiver, and Confirmation of Landing. At each of these stages we will guide you through the process and provide timely, accurate information. This will ensure that your application is handled correctly, and as rapidly as possible. -Provided by a registered Migration Consultant

5) The Decision - We will closely monitor your application until a decision on your specific case is made by CIC or the appropriate authorities. We will keep you updated every step of the way, and inform you of the result of your application. In addition, we will provide you with guidance and counselling on coming to Canada. This includes settlement information, locating employment, resume preparation and advice, etc.
-Provided by a registered Migration Consultant CSIC.

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