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History of Surrey (SRY), Greater Vancouver
The City of Surrey is located in British Columbia, Canada. She is a member of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Surrey is located south of Vancouver and her northern boundary is the Fraser River and her southern boundary is Semiahmoo Bay and the U.S.A.

Surrey's History is composed of a series of interwoven themes which impact on one another in Surrey's historical development. These themes begin with the initial Spanish and English contact, aboriginal settlement, and the impact of Europeans on the native population. Following themes involve early pioneer settlement and the impact of trails, early roads, water transportation and the development of railways on that settlement. The final themes culminate with expanded settlement and the development of urban centers up to the two decades following World War II.

Surrey's name
Queen Victoria had named New Westminster, thus it is called the Royal City. In England, across the Thames from Westminster is the County of Surrey. It seemed appropriate that across the river from New Westminster there should also be a Surrey. Surrey was named by the first Clerk of the Municipal Council, Mr. H. J. Brewer, around 1880. "Due to the geographic similarity of this district to that of County Surrey in England, in relation to Westminster, I suggest it be named Surrey, British Columbia."

Surrey's incorporation

Surrey Municipality came into being in 1879. Letters Patent were issued November 10, 1879.

The Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council, by Letters Patent under the Public Seal of the Province, and upon a petition by the majority of male freeholders, free miners, pre-emptors, and lease holders, being respectively of the free age of 21 years and resident in any locality of an area (if on the mainland but not otherwise), not greater than 100 square miles, in which locality there shall be not less than 30 male residents aforesaid, may incorporate such locality as a Municipality.
P35 The Surrey Story (Treleaven, 1969)

There were 35 resident males who had qualified at the time and signed a petition favouring incorporation.

When Surrey and Langley were formed a half-mile strip had been left out of either jurisdiction. A poll of voters in the half-mile strip had been favourable to joining Surrey. The change in the eastern boundary was made with the surrender of the original Letters Patent and new Letters Patent were dated July 7th, 1882. The name of the municipality now become; The Corporation of the District of Surrey.

Surrey was incorporated as a City in 1993. Letter Patent for Surrey City status were issued on September 11, 1993.

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