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Canada Speeds up the Imm Applications
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced that the federal government is speeding up the immigration applications of those in war-torn Sri Lanka who want to join their relatives in Canada.

The move will shorten the waiting times for parents and grandparents of Tamil-Canadians - who can wait years to be approved - to come to Canada.

As a result, cutting the wait might ease some of the anxiety of those in the Tamil-Canadian community, estimated at 250,000 to 300,000, who want their relatives to join them.

"We continue to process applications for family sponsorship from Canadian citizens for family members to come here. We have taken steps through our Colombo mission to expedite these applications," Mr. Kenney said in the House of Commons yesterday. Despite the move to speed up the processing, applications to immigrate under the "family" class will still take several months; but officials said that category, usually a low priority, will now be a high priority at Canada's visa office in Colombo.

About 1,200 Sri Lankans have been approved under that category since last September, they said, with an average waiting time of 13 months.

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